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China's oil plan in 2015 to market to provide shale gas
Shale gas developmentAccording to Reuters on September 25, chengdu, China reported the largest oil company of China petroleum and natural gas Co., LTD (China oil/PetroChina) sichuan branch director li () LuGuang here today said, China's oil plan in 2015 from southwest China's sichuan basin produce 1 billion cubic meters of shale gas, sichuan basin to the Chinese market will then provide the first commercial shale gas production.According to Chinese oil sichuan branch, China under the competent said oil exploration company nowadays is three blocks of sichuan in shale gas exploration, the three blocks were persuaded by the bloc, the block and rich shun-vying YongChuan block. The first two exploration area covers an area of 6567 square kilometers, third block area is 3818 square kilometers, China petroleum and shell -sungame太阳城亚洲-20175.com
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